Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Girls Got Style...

Kate Moss...(does she need to be introduced?)

Erin Wasson (top model, muse for Alexander Wang and stylist for RVCA)

Dree Hemingway (top model and grand-daughter of writer Ernest Hemingway)

Chlöe Sevigny (actress, fashion icon)

Alexa Chung (top model, tv presenter)

I know, it's rather easy to look stylish if you're beautiful and rich, but still, I do believe that true elegance and a unique style goes beyond that. Very few, actually, of the so-called celebrities, have a true personal style when it comes to fashion. And it's not only about having a 10,000 dollar bag or shoes. For me, when it comes to fashion, what I admire the most is 1)creativity, 2)elegance and 3)courage and, when it all works out, perfection. You have to find your own style, and you have to make it work with your personality and all without being too classic or too eccentric. And very few manage to achieve this. Here are some of the girls that I admire for their personal style. Some are already fashion icons, some are on their way...

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