Sunday, March 2, 2014

Designer bags that will never be "démodé"

I like to think of bags as investment pieces. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm planning on getting the money back! But if I ever decide to buy a bag is because I know it will become part of my everyday life. When I was younger, I couldn't afford to buy designer bags, so I would settle with a nice leather bag, vintage or from a medium quality brand like Massimo Dutti. I still wear them occasionally and even if they still look quite well, I must say that if you're planning on buying a designer piece to boost your wardrobe, a designer bag is something you certainly need.

Of course, the prices may vary a lot from one fashion brand to another, or even between different models from the same brand. The "it" bag phenomenon has become quite big, and each season new bags become "essential"; but sticking to the everlasting, classical ones, is my advice if your budget is a limited one –as is the case for most of us. Here is a list of my favorite bags.

Louis Vuitton:

Speedy: This is one of the most classic and versatile bags you'll ever find. It's also quite affordable. It comes in 4 different sizes and a huge variety of colors and textures. You can even personalize it with your initials. These one is the Speedy Monogram Bandoulière (with strap).

Alma: I absolutely adore this bag shape, and the Epi is definitely my favorite. I would buy it in the medium size in a very pop color. This one is called the "Amande Electric".

Sofia Coppola bag: It's my favorite bag from LV. It's a very expensive investment, but it is a completely timeless piece. It comes in different colors and leather types. My favorite are the black and the navy ones.


Peekaboo: It is my favorite Fendi. I love the classic cut that reminds me of the Hermès Birkin.

2 jours: It's a more affordable Fendi and I would definitely buy it in the tri-color version. This one is owned by Sarah Jessica Parker and has her initials.

Chloé is one of my favorite fashion brands. The Paraty bag is one I personally own and can say that I don't regret the investment! I bought it in grey, and I'm planning on getting it in another color. My favorite is the black python version, but unfortunately it is also almost twice the price of the normal ones!

Céline: I love all Céline bags, but if I had to choose, I would buy these four:

Luggage: The tricolor Céline Luggage (this in particular) is a bag you'll never get tired of.

Luggage Phantom: It's another version of the Luggage, a bit more "décontracté". It's perfect for a weekend more laid-back look.

Mini Luggage: This one is a personal fancy, the size is not very practical, but I adore it!

Trapèze: This a very practical shape and size, and the tricolor one is to die for.

Alexander Wang: He is one of the most talented designers of our time, and his bags are still quite affordable. I love the contemporary feeling his designs inspire. He reminds me a bit of Yves Saint Laurent in the 60's in the way he manages to capture "l'esprit du temps".

Rocco: It's become one of his best known creations, I love the studded details and the leather treatment.

Diego: It's quite similar to the Rocco and at the same time completely different! The shape but also the way to wear it gives it a 90's allure...

Devere: It's one of his most recent creations. I absolutely love this bag, the shape, the finishing touches, everything.

Tory Burch: It's one of my favorite brands, the quality is amazing and the prices are quite affordable. I bought the 797 on sale in two versions, the black and the nude, both in large size.

Priscilla: It's a very classic shape, similar to a Kelly, and at a very reasonable price. My sister bought it in orange (same as in the picture) and I borrow it all the time!

Chanel 2.55: I think I will never get rid of this bag. It works with jeans and a parka or the chicest outfit for a night in town.

Prada Twin Bag: It's very similar to the Fendi 2 jours and comes it a very large range of colors. It's bag that looks great at any age.


Soho Disco bag: I love the size and the fact that it works for day and night.

Vintage Web Leather Boston Bag: This model is very similar to the LV Speedy, I love the classic shape. The black is my favorite color.

Vintage Web original GG canvas Boston Bag: The same bag but in canvas instead of leather. I love this color and the navy one.

10) Longchamp: Le Pliage/ Le Pliage Cuir: This is the perfect bag for traveling since is really light and you can fold it (that's why it's called Le Pliage). You can buy it in a classic color or in one of its many special editions. There's also the new version in leather that is a bit more expensive but lovely. I love it in neon yellow.

11) Hermès: I don't know if I will ever afford one, but if I had to choose, I would go for the black Birkin in large size and the Kelly in red croco, they are my favorite and I'm sure they'll never go out of style.

I'm not a personal fan of the Coach bags with the logo, with I love the leather ones. I have a very classic black one and I recently fell in love with the Legacy Leather Mini Tanner. Here are some of the colors I love the most (mine is pink and nude). The mint one is gorgeous as well...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo Bag: This one has become a classic from Marc Jacobs. Each season brings new colors and sizes. I would buy it in a very special color, or in a basic one (black, grey nude) to use daily.