Sunday, August 30, 2009

I (heart) Oaxaca

Here are the first snapshots from my family vacations to Oaxaca, you'll soon have some more...

My favorite church in Oaxaca (Santo Domingo), with my beloved sisters

I loved the colour of this colonial home, now turned into a clothing store. I'm wearing a Chicks on Speed for H&M Fashion Against Aids t-shirt, Oysho skirt, Zara shoes.

Buying artisanies at a local store (here I found my little seal, ain't she lovely?)

My sister Lorena (soon I'll make an entier post on her), wearing a Zara dress Massimo Dutti necklace and LV bag.

At dusk on the central Plaza...

Eating at the traditional "Caldo de Piedra" (Stone Soup). I'm wearing a Massimo Dutti linen marinière, Etam denim vest, Gap spartiates, Ray Ban sunglasses, Massimo Dutti panama and leather handbag.

The traditional preparation as they did in ancient times...

Mmmm, delicious!

It took me a while to get the pictures from my last vacations to Oaxaca, but here they are, at last. I don't know if you ever had the occasion to visit this amazing city, but it you haven't, it's definitely one of the most beautiful colonial cities in America. The traditional cooking and the craft industry remain the same than it was centuries ago. The architecture, the people and the climate are also amazing. A perfect place for summer vacations... here are some snapshots, enjoy!

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